Guide to Whale Watching in Panama

Are you embarking on a journey of whale watching in Panama? You’re in for a treat. Firstly, the Central American gem of Panama offers prime spots for witnessing these marine giants. Furthermore, the timing matters; certain months elevate your chances of sightings. In addition, various species grace these waters, from mesmerizing humpbacks to elusive orcas. Moreover, understanding the ethics ensures… >>

How to Visit San Blas Islands on a Budget

Visiting San Blas, a tropical paradise in Panama, is a dream for many. But what if you’re on a tight budget? Fear not, because this guide will show you how to visit San Blas without breaking the bank. We’ll cover everything from getting there to finding accommodation to enjoying the best activities the islands have to offer. Getting to San… >>

Top Marinas in Panama to Park Your Boat

Welcome aboard! Picture this: you’re sailing the vibrant waters of Panama, the sun high above, ocean breeze in your hair. Now, imagine docking in one of the world-class marinas in Panama, a boater’s paradise. This country stands as a premier destination for craft owners worldwide, boasting an impressive blend of strategic location, a sunny climate, and robust boating culture. However,… >>

Complete Guide to Hiking in the Panama Rainforest

Welcome to the land of lush greenery, mystical trails, and awe-inspiring wildlife: the unique Panama Rainforest. Prepare to embark on an adventure as you dive into the heart of this natural paradise. Panama, a haven for nature lovers, invites you to explore its hidden gems and experience the thrill of hiking through its breathtaking rainforest trails. Leave the concrete jungles… >>

Best Waterfalls in Panama to Visit

If you want to appreciate Panama’s beauty truly, you need to pay attention to its waterfalls! Because of this, we’ve put together a guide on the best waterfalls in Panama to visit. Cascada de los Tercios is one of the best waterfalls in Panama to visit Cascada de los Tercios is one of the best waterfalls in Panama to visit,… >>