Panama Real Estate Fund

Looking to invest in real estate without all the hassle and work. Try the Mindful Wealth Brick1 Cell Panama real estate fund, which offers stable returns of 4-7% annually.  Fund invests in commercial and residential properties in Panama. Your investment is secured with buoyant properties in the areas of Casco Viejo, Costa del Este, Punta Pacifica and San Francisco.

The Mindful Wealth has three decades of experience and a proven track record in achieving clients’ goals, there offer you a range of investment solutions in fund management. They provide sound opportunities to diversify your investments in various asset classes, from stocks and bonds to real estate. They carefully invest on your behalf with a dual objective always in mind: attractive and stable returns on one hand and lower risks on the other.

Fund Overview

Attractive, stable returns over the medium- to long-term. That’s the main goal of Brick1 Cell Panama, a real estate fund investing in the ever buoyant real estate market in Panama. Brick1 Cell Panama has been built on deep knowledge of the Panamanian market, and it’s grounded in our lengthy proven experience. The fund selects only sites with efficient and attractive Net Operating Income (NOI). Moreover, investment properties are carefully selected based on yield and potential appreciation in value. They seek, assess and select only beautiful, preferably historic but also new prestigious properties without fail.

Minimum investment is $50,000. Contact us today for more information.