Large Azuero Cambutal Farm

Cambutal, Panama

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    Property Description

    The Teyuna Highlands is located in the middle of the Azuero Peninsula of Panama, Cambutal is the new up and coming hot spot for surfers and deep sea fishermen alike. For just over a decade, gringos have been buying up all the beach front surrounding areas of Cambutal. In that time, the town has gone from a sleepy little local town and fishing village, into a growing tourist and traveler destination. With a number of hotels, bed and breakfasts, house rentals, restaurants and even a yoga retreat (, ex-pats have really begun laying down a solid infrastructure from which to build a solid, thriving community.

    Teyuna Highlands consists of 4 farms totaling 300 Acres/123 Hectares of stunning ridge lines, wildlife and unparalleled views. At the moment there are no roads, electricity or running water to the property. Having said that, Los Buzos, a resort/marina with full amenities (, is less than a mile away, so continuing the power to the farm wouldn’t cost too much time or money. As far as water goes, wells are a very common here and not very difficult to dig.

    To the right buyer, this farm could be a gold mine. With hundreds of possible home sites and for the interested developer, this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a serious boom. “If you build it, it will come” seems to be a very real motto out in Cambutal.

    Surfing in Cambutal is one of the biggest draws to the area. There is a decent beach break just off Hotel Playa Cambutal, and a point break 6 or so miles west of that, but the real draw are the waves “411”, “Indicator” and “Dinosaurs”, all located at Punta Horcones, a separate farm that I own. Included with the purchase of Teyuna Highlands are 3 beachfront lots, less than a km down the road. The lots are located right in front of the popular surfing waves 411, Indicator and Dinosaurs. These lots can be used for personal and/or community use, separately or together.

    Around Teyuna Highlands

    Horcones Highlands is approximately a 6 hour drive to the SE of Panama City. Along the way can be found a number of large grocery and supply stores. About 2 hours from Cambutal are Chitre and Las Tablas, the two major closest towns to get anything you need (McDonalds, big grocery stores, health food stores, etc). Also a brand new, massive hospital just opened up in Chitre earlier this year.

    The next closest surf spot to Cambutal is Playa Venao, located about an hour away. Within the last decade, Playa Venao has gone from a few little cabins on the beach to a blown out surf community. Playa Venao Hotel Resort ( is just one of the resorts that have sprung up there.

    You will also find a number of housing developments going up quickly there.

    Tonosi, the closest real town is about a 30 minute drive from the property. There you will find a few small restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, police station, etc.

    Cambutal is the closest town to Horcones Highlands, located about 5 miles away. It is really not much of a town, but more of a village. There are a few small “restaurants”, “stores” and “bars”. There is even a “Centro de Salud” (health clinic) for minor health emergencies, but not much else.

    The beach is approximately a mile past Cambutal towards Teyuna Highlands. From there, you will see the growth of what has really been happening in the last 10 years.

    A number of hotels, coffee shops, bed and breakfasts, houses for rent and yoga retreats are starting to pop up all over on this small 3 mile section of beach. Hotel Playa Cambutal (, Los Buzos ( and the Sansara Resort ( are just a few to already be up and running.

    Potential for Horcones Highlands

    Horcones Highlands is prime for the developing. The surrounding area has established a nice infrastructure and a solid buzz. This area of Panama is on the cusp of blowing up and making a name for itself. Horcones Highlands is one of those properties that, in ten years, people will say “If we would have only bought back then…”.

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